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At-A-Glance Makeup Caddy

At-A-Glance Makeup Caddy

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Is your makeup bag out of control? Do you wish there was a simple way to cut the clutter? 

For years I have been on the lookout for a caddy that would hold the makeup and cream I use everyday. I didn't want to have to dig through a messy bag or a drawer that was filled with makeup that I only used once in a while. I also wanted something that could be hidden way and be taken out easily each morning, only when I needed it to get ready.

Was there a perfect makeup caddy out there, somewhere? Anywhere? Nope! So I created one!

The portable At-A-Glance Makeup Caddy keeps everything neat and tidy. It has a specific place for all your daily makeup basics and allows you to see everything at once. Then once you are done, it can be quickly put away "hide the ugly", helping to keep your counter and table tops clean and cutter free!


Measurements:  8”wide x 10” long, 4” high sides, 6 ½” tall with handle

Care:  Hand wash in warm water.


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